We offer unbiased advice on best practice, be it a small first-time project, or a largely funded prototype.


With associates located in the UK, US, Middle East & Channel Islands, we can attempt to be at hand, and mouse.


Brief, Brainstorm, Design, Develop - according to your requirements. How do you want to use technology, creatively?



Our passion for Robotics leads us to instantly dive into the cost-effective technologies of Micro-Controllers.

We have prototyped with everything from the Arduino to Pi.


Our own PCB was manufactured by partners in Shenzhen a few years back and remains the board of choice for all Erginomics projects.


A strong interest in VR led us to Unity and the Cardboard unit.

We are more than capable of creating Virtual Reality demonstrations to give you a deeper insight into our thought processes.


We would be able to consult you, through first hand experience of every stage between pre and post production, whether an invention can be potentially created, with costs, time-frames, required hardware/software, HR, etc.



Associates of Erginomics are placed in the UK, Channel Islands, US, Middle East and Africa.

If you need assistance with a matter that may not be viable with your usual consultant, due to geographical restrictions, we can aim to provide a more convenient solution.


Can I see your Projects?

Yes, of course, we have a few old MOTs somewhere too.